Ask Me Anything

AMAWhen has Justin Long appeared in anything other than a comedy?
That was the thought going through my mind as I hit play on Ask me Anything, and the one to blame for the near sadness I felt after the movie was over.
The film focuses on a promiscuous, depressed, soon to be alcoholic single mother high school graduate, as she struggles with all the things mentioned above, plus childhood abuse and terrible absentee parents.
For a while, the movie nails it. The indie music, the sober cinematography and the performances all collide to make the story come alive, and the broken character a compelling one.
Regrettably, it all comes crashing down in the final act. The film, which just spent 90 minutes stacking odd after odd against the character, tries to weasel out with an “hopeful” ending which seems forced and phony-it includes a Wise Old Man-, and features a revelation so out of place that it makes you question everything that came before it.



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