Love, Rosie

love, rosie

O Rosie!
Can you imagine how absolutely lovely this movie could have been, were the script more focused on telling a love story spanning 12 years and 2 continents, instead of the absolute, cliché infested, lazily assembled visual gags and jokes mess it actually is?

O Rosie!
With Lily Collins and Sam Claflin as your leads, it should have been a romance for the ages, their love igniting a blaze so fierce the screen would come afire!
Instead, you gave me 2 characters so idiotic that I almost cheered every time things went south for them.

O Rosie!
I wanted to like you, I really, really did. I tried not to roll my eyes at your sorry attempts at drama; I tried to laugh when I sensed everything in the movie was telling me I should; I even gasped, out loud, “jerk!”, when that jerk does that jerk thingy.
Alas, Rosie, it was not enough.

As a character says at one point during the movie, “You deserve so much better.”



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