laggies-posterThere’s a scene halfway through Laggies that really speaks about the potential of the story.

Megan (Knightley) has just taken Anika (Moretz) to visit her mom, which would mark the first time daughter and mother would be together, after 7 years apart.
After her mom excuses herself and says she will prepare some lemonade, Anika and Megan sit in the living room, waiting.
20 minutes later, Megan goes to the kitchen and finds the mother staring at a wall, not knowing how to react.

The brief conversation that follows reminded me of The Spectacular Now, a near coming-of-age masterpiece, which shares some themes with this film.

That Laggies does not work as properly as it should is due only because the movie does not really give as much importance to every theme it tries to incorporate.

For instance, a bit about teenage alcoholism due to a broken home is used only as the catalyst for Megan’s big reveal near the end.
Meanwhile, the whole refusing to grow up bit is thoroughly explored, although not as deeply as it could.

Were the performances not as inspired as they are, this bit of criticism would make the weak parts weaker than they are.
As it stands, however…


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