cometDuring one of the many conversations between them, Dell (Justin Long) says that Kimberly’s (Emmy Rossum) love will change him.

The idea that love has the power to change somebody is thrown around often in pictures, to varying results.
Sometimes love turns you into a better version of yourself.
Sometimes love has healing properties, were one so choose to accept it.
And other times, love is simply not enough.

When Dell and Kimberly were talking about this, my mind went back to something I was told many years ago:
If you are a pessimist and think a girlfriend will make you happy, you’re wrong. You’ll just be a pessimist with a girlfriend.

And while I most likely am remembering those words wrong, as the movie progressed, and Dell and Kimberly’s relationship crumbled, I realized the basic concept was true.
Not only that, but every movie based on this premise is aware of that: no matter how wonderful and magical, how life affirming and breathtaking, love alone cannot save you.

Surely, love influences and directs. You can experience things previously unknown and enjoy what once was believed foreign.
But what about life?
What about your soul, spirit, and everything that may trouble and affect them? All the things built up through the years, your very existence, who you are at your core.

Dell says to Kim,  “I love you because you love me.”
After she leaves, he says his world has been shattered.
“Did you really say your world has been shattered?”, she asks, incredulously taken aback.

Dell ruins his relationship to Kimberly because there are facets of his life that still require mending.
Kim’s love was a band-aid to something that needed surgery.
And Dell himself had the credentials.


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