proxy_ver2_xlgI believe every movie, no matter how utterly forgettable and poorly made, has its merit.
That is why even when I’m stuck watching something that is thoroughly incompetent, I try to soldier on and make it to the end.
It feels like cheating, somehow, were I to turn it off halfway through.

It’s not that Proxy opens with an extremely grotesque scene what made me walk out of the movie 1/3 of the way in.
Actually, I’m not sure why I called it quits. Perhaps it was the less than stellar acting, or how the film fancied itself more important than it actually was.
Or perhaps it was because I did not feel at peace ever since it began.
Whatever it was, I could not make it.
Part of me feels ashamed for it.
Another is proud, for it means I am aware there are things that matter much more than cinema.



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