The Last 5 Years

thelast5yearsEvery time Anna Kendrick’s on screen, I want to drop to my knee and propose.
It’s not that she’s absolutely gorgeous(she is), or immensely talented(she is that, too), but that her presence makes every film she’s in much more pleasant and easier to digest.

Alas, great actors a great movie make not, and The Last 5 Years is a true disappointment.
Boasting a hopeful premise (film begins as a 5 year romantic relationship has ended, works its way backwards), this musical features very good, near lovely, numbers, but these are set up in a way that makes them stand on their own, instead of meshing together with the whole picture.

Also, I could not empathize with Jamie’s (Jeremy Jordan) dilemma: the movie never gives us a sign that he’s a serial womanizer, and suddenly we’re to accept he is just because he walked down the aisle?
Or maybe that’s just the single man in me talking, in which case, yay, I will never get married.

There’s a sequence halfway throughout, in which Anna Kendrick stands in line at the audition room, walks in, sings to impress the judges, and walks out, still unemployed.
The song sung during this moment had to deal with the disillusionment a struggling actor faces, and all the hurdles and embarrassments they have to fight through.
Now there’s a movie I want to see.



2 thoughts on “The Last 5 Years

  1. I love the idea of this. Her perspective, moving in reverse, beginning with heartbreak – alternating with His, moving forward, beginning with romantic (and lustful) bliss. Then why did the structure mostly confound me?* Is it my fault? I’m not sure. All I do know is that it’s not Anna Kendrick’s fault.
    Like you I spent the bulk of the running time marvelling at her. Because she’s Anna Kendrick, but also… for the construction of that doomed audition scene. Wow that really worked for me.
    Great review!


    1. Can you imagine how emotionally effective a film like this would be if the director could manage to construct the entire movie the way they did that audition scene?
      It’d be uncomfortable and you would not be able to look away.
      And, Anna Kendrick!

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