The Maze Runner

The-Maze-Runner_18932_posterlargeI would notice, scattered throughout my home, the The Maze Runner series of books that belonged to my sister, and silently shake my head.
While it’s difficult to shake off the snobbishness that comes over me from time to time, I try to remind myself that feeling comes from ignorance, not superiority.
Still, I am a work in progress.

I’m not really one to hold my breath in anticipation for a film,-blockbuster or otherwise-,because besides the usual reality trumps expectation scenario that’s possible to occur, I’m too busy watching other movies to get lost in seemingly eternal waiting.

That being said, man am I enthused about the sequel to The Maze Runner.
Sufficiently dark without becoming ridiculous, and with above average performances by everyone involved, this picture is thrilling from the get go.
And while the climax leaves something to be desired, it does whet one’s appetite enough to want to see what’s in store for our young guinea pigs in the next installment.

I really hope we’re treated to something equally, if not more, fun.



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