The Riot Club

The+Riot+Club+Movie+Film+2014+-+Sinopsis+(Sam+Claflin,+Natalie+Dormer)There’s a good 20 minute stretch, halfway through Lone Scherfig’s The Riot Club, in which the film becomes an actual compelling look into the psyche of the bourgeoisie and its eternal battle against the proletariat.
The sequence, which takes place in a dining hall at a gastro pub, is at equal times uncomfortable, funny and enlightening.
Sadly, the director forgoes subtlety in the final act, and instead of letting the audience grab the movie’s message, “rich folk are bad and poor folk are good”, she hammers it in, by having the bourgeoisie literally using the proletariat as a punching bag.

If a movie ever hopes to preach or make an indictment, it should trust that the audience is wise enough to understand what the visuals are implying, instead of outright stating its intentions.



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