Song One

SongOne-Song One PosterWhile I cannot like Song One, I do admire it.

This is a movie which never attempts to be something other than what it is: small and heartfelt.
The plot is as familiar as they come, and the romance is implausible enough, but the director is well aware of it.
We are just supposed to watch Anne Hathaway walking down the streets of New York City late at night, and be with her when she meets a musician.
There are no earth shattering revelations or anything that would set the course of the story in another direction than the one we know it will go from the opening scene.

And while not enough for me to say I enjoy it, I do think more movies should drop their pretensions and learn this from Song One.



One thought on “Song One

  1. I would comment something provocative but that would mean I would actually have to remember what happened in Song One or how I felt, besides just being ambivalent. Glad you saw the silver lining!


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