Under the Skin

UnderTheSkin_AKIKOMATICIn the twelve hours since I watched Under the Skin I have not been able to shake off the hypnotic spell that Jonathan Glazer’s film casts upon those willing to surrender themselves over to it, much like the male victims give themselves over to the entity that Scarlett Johansson’s embodies.

I remember the visuals: the camera aimed at the sky as snow descends upon it; the trees dancing with the breeze and merging with a frail and scared Johansson; the dark liquid which becomes the final resting place for those unfortunate enough to cross paths with this otherworldly entity.

I remember the music and how the score seemed lifted out of something Stanley Kubrick would have fashioned were he still with us today.

I remember the plot, or lack thereof, and delighted myself in how in this day and age in which everything seems to be a superhero adaptation or a sequel, we are still allowed to have such wonderful cinematic experiences like this one.



2 thoughts on “Under the Skin

    1. It was never my intention to watch it. I’d read it was quite good, but still, no intention. I had nothing to do last night so finally gave in, and now I think it’s one of the best I’ve seen so far in 2015.


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