bluebird-movie-poster-300x427In January of this year, my family and I went to Magic Kingdom, at the Walt Disney World Resort.
It was my first time going in over 10 years.

Although in the decade that had elapsed since my last visit I had grown out of my affection for all things Mickey, I was still looking forward to spending the day in the self proclaimed happiest place on earth. Not for myself mind you, but because my two younger sisters would constantly go on about the unparalleled joys that are to only be found at the Disney parks.

Once inside the grounds, I noticed something that really struck me.
There were families everywhere, along with couples and groups of friends. And each and every one of these individuals seemed to be having the time of their lives.

Children gasped with unbridled enthusiasm; parents beamed with joy at what their efforts had accomplish; boyfriends and girlfriends were lost in the beauty of every moment.

I saw all of this and understood why Disney will never go away.
It is not that Mickey Mouse needs tourists, but that the tourists need Mickey Mouse. We all need, and I’ll even say deserve, to walk into a place where all the pain and disappointment that this cruel existence gives us vanishes for a few hours.
Where there are no more tears or obstacles. Where happiness kicks out sadness out of minds and hearts, and everything looks bright.

And yet, when I was in line for the It’s a Small World ride, the family in front of me began to have an argument. The mother and the father had a disagreement and in ended in a heated verbal exchange between them, while their kids said nothing.

This begs the question, then.
The joys and comfort of this world can only go so far.
Something else is needed.

What is it?



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