pleasantville_ver5_9378I point to The Impossible as the culprit that made me swear off movie trailers for good.

That film’s climax has the three boys reuniting with their parents again, and while everything is set up to be cathartic, I found that the moment had no effect on me. This was due of course, to me having watched the reunion before on the trailer. Why they chose to include such a scene in the trailer remains a mystery to me.

For the better part of two years now, I’ve been informing my movie watching decisions on movie reviews, best of lists, buzz, interest in directors and film posters (I’ll never forget how I ended up watching In Your Eyes because the poster looked mysterious, and its now one of my favorites).
I stumbled onto Pleasantville when I saw the image that’s plastered on the poster above on the internet last week.
It is a truly memorable one: the entire frame bathed in white and black, except for the girl in the yellow dress who’s holding a red umbrella.
The scene is even more charming.

And perhaps that’s the adjective I’d employ to describe this picture if it did not feature a scene where an angry mob is burning books in the middle of the street at night.
What begins as a comedy becomes a frightening look into the evil we humans are capable of in the name of normalcy.

That this movie manages to achieve all that it does while never forgetting it’s main conceit – two teenagers transported into a 1950’s sitcom via a magical tv remote – is nothing short of admirable.



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