primerIf Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color is not the best picture I have ever seen, it is certainly up there in the pantheon of spectacular, once in a lifetime cinematic experiences.

I watched Upstream Color two years ago and it placed first on my end of the year Favorite list, flanked by We Are What We Are and Barry Lyndon. 
And tonight, I watched Carruth’s first movie experiment: the time travel discourse Primer.

While not as endlessly fascinating as Upstream Color (but then again, what movie is?), Primer possesses and makes use of such intelligence that my intellect felt invigorated even as it struggled to keep track of every curve and turn the plot goes into.
It is safe to say I did not comprehend everything that appeared on screen, or those that were implied off for that matter.
Yet, even though I could not step up to the challenge the movie presented me with, I welcomed it gladly, because how many movies think that highly of the audience that they do not feel the need to hold your hand through the whole ordeal?

I do not really have a favorite director, actor or producer, but if I were to decide, I would say that I have nothing but profound admiration for Shane Carruth. Here is a director/writer/producer/photographer/editor/musician whom I really, really wish would put out a movie every other year, instead of the usual decade he seems to take.

How many more movies directed by Shane Carruth will the world be able to see? Or have we already seen the last of him, and cinema history will have to do with a mere two entries into its annals?
Nobody knows, but here’s hoping we at at least get one more.
Hollywood will be a richer place for it.


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