Regular Show: The Movie

RegularShowMoviePosterI locked my bedroom door that late summer afternoon with the intention of never coming out of there alive. What followed was a month of near starvation, maddening pain and so much tears as to drown the world in it. But I survived, somehow.
When I finally stepped out of my would be coffin, one of the first things I did was walk to the living room, turning on the television and looking for something that would not remind me of her on every frame.
And that’s how I ended up on Cartoon Network.

It was then when I realized that animated fare directed towards a young audience rarely, if ever, deals in romantic love, disappointment, and an array of topics better suited to the CW.
As long as I restricted myself to watching Cartoon Network, I was safe. It was at this juncture of my life in which I discovered Regular Show, although perhaps it would be safer to say that Regular Show found me, seeing as my existence was then better summarized as passively lying on the couch weeping.

Each episode lasts 11 minutes and vibrates with such wacky shenanigans that I found myself laughing more than I thought possible. I had not turned the Cartoon Network channel in so long, I wondered if every show was as funny as this one about the talking racoon and blue jay.
So I gave the other offerings a try, but none worked for me.
It was just Regular Show.

In the three years since, I’ve watched every season that’s aired. Some episodes more than once, others never again. The characters are nicely written and always behave according to their nature. I am yet to encounter any egregious development or revelation, which really contents me.

Which brings us to this movie.
When I found out there was a movie, I got more excited than I probably should.
And it was well warranted, for the cold opening is amazing.
That the rest of the story cannot keep up such intense momentum going is probably normal, although it is still entertaining as heck.
Even if it was not however, I do think I would have still liked it.

Thank you Regular Show.



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