Bridge of Spies

Bridge of Spies Launch One Sheet(1)“It has a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes”, he said to me, as if a numerical score was the final push I needed to go for Bridge of Spies instead of Steve Jobs.
“Plus”, the unnamed character continued, “the audience rating for Steve Jobs is not very good.”

I did not respond, and an hour later we were sitting in a dark theater watching Spielberg’s latest.
I honestly think audiences don’t give a damn about a critic’s opinion, for if it were so, the box office scenario would look very, very different.
But I do think Rotten Tomatoes has over simplified the “good movie bad movie” argument, while at the same time making it even more difficult for those cinema aficionados who would like to have a simple conversation about movies.

I say it has made it more difficult because if you enjoy a movie that has 100% rating on RT, but a 50% audience one, and you are trying to convince a friend to watch it, said friend will just say “critics man…go for audience instead”
But then, they’ll cite a “fresh” rating on the site as evidence that whichever film they like is in fact good.

This subject deserves further exploring, as I am still gathering my thoughts from last night. For the time being, it will have to do.



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