Pitch Perfect 2

pitchPitch Perfect will probably become the most entertaining movie trilogy I will ever watch.
I first watched the original two years ago, and was surprised at how insanely fun it was. After watching it a few more times, I was convinced the movie held an immense replay value, unlike any I had encountered up to that point.

That the sequel does not hold up to its predecessor should be no surprise. Part of what made the original so charming was that it knew nobody had any expectations of it, and everybody was just having fun with it. This time around, there is a need to up the shenanigans at every turn, which does not necessarily work in its favor, although that is a symptom which ails most sequels.

What is a bit of a disappointment is how poor a use the filmmakers have for Beca (Anna Kendrick). Anna Kendrick knows her talents are being underutilized on the sequel, and it shows. Something about her performance seems off, which was too bad as she continues to be one of my favorite actresses, in addition to my lifelong crush and the girl I one day hope to woo.

Silly but not completely idiotic and sentimental yet not overly saccharine, I will be re watching this movie each time I’m in need of a good hearty laugh.



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