Batman Begins

batman begins

A year ago, when we were coming out of the cinema after watching Interstellar, my best friend told me he had loved the movie almost as much as he had The Dark Knight, a previous Christopher Nolan movie. When I responded that I had never seen Nolan’s Batman trilogy, he told me I should get started as soon as possible.

I never felt an urgency to watch the escapades of the caped crusader, specially now that Ben Affleck is donning the cape and Nolan’s vision for the character belongs to history. But, if I am ever to watch the upcoming version of the masked vigilante, I figured I should give this trilogy a try. So today, I did.

As a kid, I thought Batman was a badass. Punching criminals in the face and swinging from buildings at night is so undoubtedly cool that I doubt any child could not be entertained.
But what’s on screen here is different.
Any desire of being Batman quickly evaporated after sitting through Batman Begins.
Batman is not a hero because he puts miscreants behind bars. He’s a hero because he manages to stave off the demons that call him guilty every night without going crazy.
Although, if the final scene is any indication, that might change in the sequel.



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