Digimon Adventure Tri: Reunion


In this PRRS Age (Prequel, Reboot, Remake, Sequel), there is a tendency for repetition. Creators simply serve audiences more of what they already had in the first installment, with a few technological tweaks here and CGI wonder there.
It makes for passable, albeit not very interesting entertainment.

Thankfully, Digimon Adventure Tri does not fall under such parameters. The first in a planned six film series, Reunion, as this particular movie is subtitled, reintroduces the characters that graced television screens almost sixteen years ago. And it does so with aplomb, as the place the characters inhabit is exactly how I’d imagine them to be, after the adventures they had together that one summer in camp. There seems to be no egregious additions or subtractions; rather, the story develops in a perfectly organic way.
I specially liked the fact that world governments are now aware that there is a digital dimension out there, but are unable to do anything about it.

The second film will be released in March, and I will be looking forward to it.



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