Reservoir Dogs


To go from this to Pulp Fiction in the span of two years is a testament to how wildly ambitious and talented Quentin Tarantino is.



4 thoughts on “Reservoir Dogs

    1. I was recently thinking about Quentin Tarantino and how every subsequent film following Reservoir Dogs has never been boring. In the villain department, Calvin Candy from Django instantly comes to mind. Truly this man has been blessed.

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      1. Absolutely. I feel that you’d have to be careful around him in person, because he’s probably listening to you and absorbing your characteristics, so he could use for a film. haha


      2. Haha, I think you’d have to be careful around all geniuses, as they probably get their ideas from the most mundane encounters. Or maybe its the other way around and they are so smart they have all the ideas they need in their brain and need no inspiration at all!

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