Glass Chin

glass chin

Because it is only the second week of January, and there will be dozens upon dozens of new movies I am yet to watch throughout the year, I feel it right that I should extol Glass Chin‘s virtues before it gets lost in the midst of all the new footage I will be watching, thinking, discussing, dreaming and ultimately writing about.

I do not think I have ever watched a movie this early in the year and gone “man, I really wish I would have watched this two weeks ago so I could have included it in my Favorite of {Insert Year Here}”. Not only is this the case with Glass Chin, but I am fairly certain it would also have made my Favorite Scenes list.

Bud (Corey Stoll) and Ellen (Marin Ireland) lie in bed at night and they converse. There is nothing flashy or cinematic about it. For most of the time the camera is situated a few inches away from the side of the bed, so we watch both lovers as they talk about boxing, poetry and the human mind. The joy of it comes from the scene feeling extremely down to earth. This is how normal people talk, not in the overtly romantic tones that most movies would have us believe.

Bud and Ellen are actually one of the most interesting characters I have seen in a movie in a very long time, and throughout most of the film’s running time I kept asking myself why in the heck I had not heard of this movie before. A quick online search revealed that although well received at the festivals where it played, it quickly vanished after that. It currently holds a One Star rating on Netflix.



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