The Night Before


As I was scouring Netflix one night in the hopes to find a decent comedy that would entertain me for two hours, I was assaulted by the following question: Why is Netflix so popular if its cinematic offerings are substandard?

It brought me back to the quote I saw on the internet, which said “Netflix selection so bad no wonder people just start $@%6$”.

The questions remains. Why is Netflix so used if 90% of the films offered are so horrendously mediocre?

My answer: I don’t think people pay much attention anymore, which is why every major blockbuster seems to be a slight variation of the same boom boom bang formula. Maybe people just use Netflix to kill time and be entertained, and not necessarily to watch good cinema. And while there is certainly nothing wrong with that, it could maybe lead to a decrease in quality film making, since people are mostly watching the latest Adam Sandler offering instead of whatever (insert name of respected filmmaker here) is doing.



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