Cartel Land


Up until 8 months ago, I was living in El Salvador, a small country that had seen me born and been my home for 24 years. It is also one of the most violent nations on Earth, with dozens of murders each day, most of them caused by gang violence.
Some of the gangs are involved in drug trafficking, and my country serves as a bridge between Mexico and others. Drug related violence then, has naturally increased.

Watching Cartel Land, I knew how this story was going to end because I’ve already seen this many times before. I know the corrupt and subservient government; I’ve seen the godless activities gang members engage in; I’ve heard the noble activist rally for their cause and become part of the problem they vowed to fight.

This is a war that cannot ever be won, because you can exterminate as many lousy politicians and bloodthirsty mafiosos as you want, and there still will be no difference. This is a war for the souls of everybody in these Godforsaken places. As the end of this documentary shows, our human tendency for pleasure overcomes whatever previous selfless desires we had.



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