10 Cloverfield Lane


Mary Elizabeth Winstead is not in a lot of movies. But she should be.

Her IMDB page informs me that she is best known for her role of Ramona in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World; Wikipedia reads that she is famous for being a scream queen, and proceeds to list several horror movies she starred in. But I do not believe this. She is Alex of Venice, she is a recovering alcoholic in Smashed, she sits at the dinner table in The Spectacular Now.  Surely this woman has shown more potential and possesses more talent so as to be known as more than just a scream queen?

Or maybe I should start to watch all those scary movies Wikipedia is showing me, since 10 Cloverfield Lane could be labeled a horror film and her role could be labeled that of a final girl. And she nails it. It makes me so very happy when an actor I like is perfect for the role and the story revolves around them.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead is amazing in this.




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