War Dogs


You can Wolf of Wall Street or American Hustle me all you want, but the only movie which Todd Phillips War Dogs reminds me of is Michael Bay’s Pain & Gain.
Never mind that both directors hit it big with fare completely different than this; the underlying theme of both movies is not the American Dream, but a depraved sense of greed.

The laughs do not originate because of how zany the scenarios are (a character losing a toe in Bay’s, a chase sequence across Fallujah in Phillips), but because one can perfectly understand how the thirst for money can land someone in such waters.
It’s also why characters like Efraim Diveroli (Jonah Hill) provoke anger in the viewer, followed by pity. There is no remedy for them, because they are actively waving away the cure.
And if we are to never be as wealthy as them, let’s hope we are wiser.



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