The most cathartic moment in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar takes place during its final thirty seconds. Brand (Anne Hathaway) stares at the wreckage of Wolf Edmunds space ship, seconds before removing her helmet and placing it on the ground. The effect of this brief scene is so tremendous once examined under one that took place halfway through the movie. In it, Brand tries to convince Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) of love’s supernatural abilities. As it is not a human invention, love can transcend time and space and travel across dimensions. Love has the faculty to withstand and endure things no other emotion can; it can guide us, direct us, give us hope. Nay, love is hope itself.

I bring this up not because Equals is on par with Nolan’s masterpiece, although Kristen Stewart’s performance, as is always the case, easily matches anything McConaughey and Hathaway have to offer. I bring this up because the closing shot of the movie shows that, against all odds, love prevails. It appears that no matter how people try to quench it, in the end love will find a way.

It’s extremely dull, the way this picture reaches that conclusion, but I believe it’s worth noting.



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