I am tired of the end of the world.

Trailer after trailer promise scenes of destruction on a more massive scale than the previous blockbuster, each escalating the threat on humanity, and beg the audience to pay 10 bucks to witness their extinction up on the big screen. When I watched the trailer for Arrival I was immediately put off. I only went into the cinema because my friend invited me, as he usually does. Except this time we were not going to see a superhero movie or a generic action picture, as is the case. He had watched the same trailer as me, and while I had decided I’d had enough of alien invasion flicks, he wanted to see some aliens invade the planet again.

Two hours after the movie began, I remained on my seat, jaw wide open, enthralled at what I had just witnessed.
If I left Doctor Strange disillusioned with the prospects of current Hollywood, Arrival was the shot of adrenaline my heart needed to bring me back to life and believe in the sheer beauty of cinema.



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