Don’t Think Twice


Telling somebody that it is hard to succeed in show business is like telling them that eating uncontrollably leads to an increase in weight. This is a boring fact of life, which is why perhaps there are not that very many films on the subject matter. And the ones that do deal solely on the aspect of audition, fail, repeat until you get the lucky break. La La Land had a nice twist on this aspect, although the resolution was similar to all others.

But what happens when you audition and luck never comes your way? What happens when you pour your heart, soul and savings into your dream, but all you get is rejection?
Don’t Think Twice is beautiful in its insight-funny and painful, sometimes at the same time-because it recognizes that some of us will simply not make the cut in the end. In a culture in which everybody gets a participation trophy, it not only feels refreshing, but honest.


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