There are two ways in which I usually react when watching movies.
If the film in question is terrible, or if I am not enjoying myself, I will check the time to see how much longer I will have to remain seated enduring the punishment.
If, on the other hand, the film is amazing, or I am having a great time, I remain in place and do not move until the credits start to roll.

I checked the time during Memento, not because it was bad, but because I could not wait for it to finish so I could finally figure out what the hell was going on. Every backwards fragment felt like another puzzle piece set right in front of me, but one that I could not make sense of until I had the entire set. I don’t mean that the movie did not make sense, or I could not understand the proceedings. I mean that the events surrounding Lenny (Guy Pearce) are so intriguing and maddening, that a conclusion will provide not only answers, but relief.



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