Mulholland Dr.


Rarely does a film enthrall and stupefy me the way Mulholland Dr. accomplished. It burrowed into my brain and played out in my dreams, as I went to bed last night and had visions of Silencio, and a California cowboy and Diane (Naomi Watts) and Betty (Naomi Watts), and Betty and Diane and the incredible, absolutely incredible performance delivered by a never better Naomi Watts, in the role that launched her to stardom and it is so easy to see why, her performance appearing to be one of `50s and `60s Hollywood at first, but then morphing into something completely different, more maniacal and sadder.

As I see it, the plot follows Betty after she ordered her ex lover killed, and the regrets that she experiences after the fact. Am I wrong? If you have seen this movie before, please tell me how wrong I am, please, please, I would like to hear your examination and reading of this movie, because they do not make them this way before, actually they probably never made them this way, so unique this picture is, God bless David Lynch forever.



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