On the Waterfront

on the waterfront

I’ve seen my fair share of oldies before and I’ve appreciated them without being wowed by any. I am aware of the 60-80 year disconnect that exists between them and my preferences, molded as they have been by the current crop of cinema, which has little to nothing in common to the pictures of old.

Since I began watching movies five years ago, 2017 has perhaps been the most pleasant, beautiful and full of surprises out of them all, so of course it was only natural for an oldie to come along and blow me away.

On the Waterfront is an utterly great motion picture, its suspense and social commentary timeless and better displayed than in any of its contemporaries. And of course, Marlon Brando. There’s a scene in which Marlon Brando is talking to his girlfriend, when her gloves come off and fall to the ground. Brando picks both of them up, hands one back to her, and puts the other one on his own hand. The conversation carries on nonchalantly, and the camera captures Brando fiddling with the glove. If you don’t want to watch the movie, then just look for this clip online. It is a testament to the otherworldly talent of Marlon Brando.



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