I was, of all places, in Political Science class. It was November 8th, 2016, and the three and a half hour lecture that night consisted of watching different news channels. Our professor had the familiar news outlets projected on the whiteboard, on the computer, and he allowed the students to pull up our phones to follow along. What I haven’t forgotten are the reactions of the pundits. All their technological wizardry, their up to date scientific models, all the money in the world had failed them, and they did not know how to process it. Rooms full of intellectuals and savants suddenly gone quiet, their knowledge valid for nothing in the face of an event they proclaimed was not possible.

Somebody says in 2012 that “all our technology and we still could not predict this”. Is that what we’ll all say, I wonder, upon the day that every knee must bow and tongue confess that the man coming down from the clouds is Lord of all?



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