Lady Bird


Lady Bird had me going back to the well of adolescence, to sip on the memories of exuberant passion and exasperation. There are many movies dealing in the maddeningly glorious years of youth, but most of them merely show it; Lady Bird actually feels like you are back at your friend’s house crying over the love of your life while eating cheese.





I was familiar, of course, with the established consensus. Casablanca was one of the greatest motion pictures of all time, a movie unlike any other, a must see for all those who professed even the slightest interest in the art form.
And I had never seen it until today.

What can I say that hasn’t already been said before in the past 75 years? Everything everybody said about Casablanca is true.




There have been thousands, if not millions, of words poured across the decades in an attempt to decipher Adolf Hitler’s mind. Adding any more to the conversation would be superfluous, unless I felt I had something fresh to bring to it.

There is one thing I will say, however, and that is in regards to Hitler’s followers. For the duration of this great film, and throughout my college history courses, I asked: “How could so many people follow this fool? Truly it would not happen in this day and age.”

But then I looked around me. I saw religious leaders endorse political players who do not display Biblical virtue; I saw adherents to an ideology validate violence in the name of freedom.
Is this is the new norm now, why would it have been any different back then, when societal conditions were much worse?



Thank You for Your Service

thank you for your service

American Sniper was laughable in how on the nose it was. I still unfortunately recall how at the start of it, one character says to another “Don’t you understand?! I cheat on you to get attention!” The script was littered with moments like this, where the adage “show, don’t tell” was tossed out the window, burned and buried.

Thank You For Your Service does right every little thing that American Sniper did wrong.