I still remember that Sunday, three years ago. I paid two dollars to go into the cinema because it was Movie weekend, and all movies that weekend were at a discounted prize. I watched Zero Dark Thirty, and here I am, over a thousand days later, still thinking about it.

I bring this up because Spotlight reminded me of the feelings and reactions I had that day. What impresses me the most is that I was watching investigative journalists do their job, and there was never the risk of somebody getting blown up to all hell, a danger which is ever present in Kathryn Bigelow’s film.
This is also a sadder and more infuriating film, for the Church is what human beings, albeit wrongly, put their faith in; nobody, as far as I know, put their faith in Islamic terrorists.
I say sad not only for the countless horrors inflicted by priests to their victims, but because those actions had consequences not only in the children’s lives, but in many of those who later witnessed or learned about these events.

Their faith is gone, perhaps forever.
“It’s a shitty feeling”, somebody says.”It is”, another replies. “It’s such a shitty feeling.”



Miss Julie

MISS-JULIE-Poster-The-NetherlandsI consider Colin Farrell and Jessica Chastain to be tremendous actors. I still remember watching Oliver Stone’s Alexander in theaters over ten years ago, and walking away disappointed with everything but Farrell’s performance as the young Macedonian king. Similarly, the apex of Jessica Chastain will always be her performance in Zero Dark Thirty. The final shot of her sitting alone in a helicopter as she cries in silence haunted me for months

Based on that criteria alone, Miss Julie should be my favorite movie of the year, for it features the two actors confined to a single location, while they  argue with each other for two hours.
While it is not my favorite movie, it is a showcase for these two very talented individuals to display their acting prowess, and boy do they not disappoint.

What fiery intensity! What a powerful way to deliver monologues! What stoic silence! Both actors can disgust and break your heart with a single glance or furrowed brow.
Because this was adapted from the stage, I believe it is only fair I end this by simply saying Bravo.